The Hellenic presence in Australia is highlighted by their enormous contribution in all aspects of Australian society. Whether in business, media, academia, the arts or politics, they have actively participated in the development and diversity of Australia as we know today.



"Who was Who"


Vassilis Antoniou Lambropoulos was born in Mesolongi in 1942. He graduated from the Naval School of Oinousses, Chios “Diamantis and Kalliopis Patera”. He studied theater, journalism, public relations.

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Koula TEO

Koula Teo is a poet, an author, a drama teacher, director and a playwright. Koula was born in Gastouni, Ilias , Greece, where she spent

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Emmanuel SARRIS

Emmanuel Sarris started his career as a tax accountant in 2000 before entering the world of financial planning and mortgage broking. He has a wealth of experience having worked for various chartered and CPA firms and run his own business since 2009. He also is a registered accountant with every accounting body in Australia. Emmanuel Sarris is also an internet marketing guru, multi-level marketer and author on Amazon with a wealth of knowledge and proven results.

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Constantine (Con) GIOTAKIS

Con Giotakis followed his passion and became a sports journalist… He landed an opportunity to work as a sports broadcaster at the (then) newly established radio station 2EA and to date, he’s had the time of his life…

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Vasso E. Morali

Vasso Morali has worked for around 36 years as journalist, TV presenter, and editor-in-chief for many television channels, radio programs and the Greek press, while being mostly employed by Greece’s public broadcaster ERT.

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Harry Mavrolefteros

Harry Mavrolefteros was born on 13th November 1987 in Sydney; his father Kyriacos having been born in Cyprus and migrated to Australia after the Turkish

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Πέτρος Πρίντεζης
Petros Printezis

Interview: George Michelakakis,
October 1986

Transcription: Anna Arsenis,
October 2019
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