Greek Consulate Generals In Australia

Vassilios M. Tolios

“Vassilios Tolios was an excellent member of the Diplomatic Service of the country. Throughout his career, he was distinguished for his ethos, professionalism and comradely spirit and served Greece with honesty, dignity and faith in duty.” [Announcement of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

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Emilios Vrisakis

Emilios Vrizakis was born in Athens in 1892. His family came originally from Crete — famous for its ancient civilisation. In 1750, the family emigrated to Athens. The young Vrisakis went to High School in Athens, and, to complete his

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Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos arrived in Australia in May 1926. He was the first member of the Greek Diplomatic Service to hold the position of Consul-General in Australia. [The Telegraph, Fri 21 May 1926 | Page 8] On Tuesday 18th May 1926,

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