Alexandra LUXFORD Clr

Alexandra Luxford is a Randwick City Councillor in the area of West Ward. Alexandra was born in Sydney to Greek-Australian parents, former Randwick City Council Mayor John Procpiadis, and Iris Procopiadis, whose parents came to Australia from Asia Minor and Rhodes in the 1920s.  Alexandra went to Kensington Public School and Randwick Girls’ High School and worked in the Finance sector for many years. Alexandra currently works at TAFE. Alexandra has two sons, Yanni and Manoli. Alexandra has always been passionate about helping others as she has been an active community member, volunteering at Maroubra Surf Club, Kensington Public School P&C, and is currently still active on Randwick Boys’ High School P&C and has also Mascot Kings Football Club where she has recently been made a life member.

Alexandra was elected to Randwick City Council in September 2017, where she immediately became Deputy Mayor for the first year of the council term. Alexandra is a proud Greek Australian and promotes her Greek heritage and culture wherever possible through attending many Greek related events. Alexandra is currently on Randwick City Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee, working to champion diversity in the local area of Randwick. In Alexandra’s first year on council, she has been able to connect with the community and assist residents with their needs. Alexandra will continue to work with the community over the council term to further help the community.

Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Randwick City Councillor in the area of West Ward

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