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Lambis (Charalambos) Paschalides was born in Cairo in 1914. His father was from Xanthi and his mother from Kusadasi in Asia Minor. He had a brother, Takis, who was a well-known singer and a sister who passed away at the

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Petros Printezis was born in Nafpaktos, a coastal town in Western Greece, in 1929. “I have always been interested in theatre since a very young age,” he said to George Michelakis in October 1986. “Financial hardships were always an obstacle.

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Aγγελος ΑΔΑΜ

Angelo Adam was born in Athens, in 1930 to Stelios from the island of Hydra and Iro Pappa from Smyrna who came to Greece after the Asia Minor catastrophe. Angelo had a happy childhood. Things changed dramatically during the time

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Kiki Betti

Kiki Betti was born in a coastal village of Messenia of the southern Peloponnese to Ioannis and Ekaterini. When Kikki was fourteen years old, the family moved to Athens in search of a better life. Her father was a shoemaker

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