By: Anna Arsenis
Year of Publication: 2023
Small batch, hand crafted and produced in Margaret River, Western Australia. Our Premium Lavender Purple Gin is a traditional dry gin in flavour with strong Juniper and Citrus notes, highlighting the floral minty delicate characters of Lavender. To compliment this, we have carefully selected and fused a combination of traditional and Australian Native botanicals, which include Cinnamon Myrtle and Lemon Myrtle to enhance the distinctive tastes of Margaret River's native bushland. Using locally sourced Lavender was important to keep our Gin authentic to the region. Our Lavender Purple Gin is naturally colored to not compromise on quality, and also to highlight the subtle Lavender notes in both appearance and taste.

Mitch & Mary have a passion for quality food and beverages. When they returned to Australia from India in 2020, they discussed the inception of Smilov Spirits over a drink one evening during the pandemic. It took 18months from inception, to overcome the challenges of launching a start-up during a pandemic and, on June 25th, 2021 they released their Margaret River Made Vodka. Two years later, the couple are releasing their second product being a Gin. It has taken them over a year to fine tune the blend and the ingredient profile.

What’s been your biggest challenge in running the business so far?

Working as husband and wife… jokes aside… learning as we go, developing new systems and channels in a new business and industry. Trying to stay innovative and competitive in a very challenging environment. Taking our time and building lasting relationships.

How has your business grown in the last two years?

We have grown mostly by boots on the ground, heading into venues, retail shops and constant connecting with the industry. Little marketing or media all by word of mouth and old school cold calling.

What event sparked the interest in developing your own gin?  

It was actually the first concept prior to Vodka but the Gin was  a harder product to make. There are a lot of Pink Gins and other concepts but very little Lavender Gins done right. We wanted a western Australian lavender botanical gin naturally colored purple. Something unique and innovative.

The love for gin is spreading over the years. There are many varieties as gin is a versatile spirit. What makes your gin unique? Is there anything different about your distilling process?

The way we have naturally colored our product and managed to create the perfect blend of botanicals with the subtly of lavender took a lot of trials and errors.

What variety of botanicals do you use?

A combination of juipners, local botanicls, lemon myrtle, citrus, lavender etc…

Is gin the same as vodka, or at least, can it be made from vodka?

No they are entirely different, vodka being neutrally made and distilled with wheat over again until it is refined then charcoal filtered. Gin is a longer process to soak and create the botanical blend prior to distilling.

How would you describe your Gin in 3 words?

Australia’s Best Gin

What’s your favourite way to drink your gin?

Gin and Tonic and in clear mixers to highlight the changing colours of the natural purple.

What’s next? Any exciting plans?

We want to develop the market into the Gin and spend 1 year on this product like we did with the Vodka. Then once we have established a strong market we will look for further products to develop.

Where do you hope to take your business in the year ahead?

Multi generational business where we can take our time releasing quality products that we would firstly drink and enjoy and then want to share these innovative ideas to every one. We are the biggest consumers of our own product and love what we create.

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