Neos Kosmos (newspaper)

Neos Kosmos (newspaper)
Neos Kosmos (newspaper)

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Founded in 1957 by Dimitri Gogos, Bill Stefanou and noted author Alekos Doukas. It is published by Ethnic Publications Pty Ltd, and is Australia's longest standing Greek community newspaper. In its early days, the newspaper was heavily left-leaning, and was considered radical by the Greek community in Australia although it soon grew in popularity. Neos Kosmos was known to advocate for issues which impacted the Greek community, like unionization and worker's rights.

It has been published in Greek as a broadsheet on Monday and Thursday and as a tabloid in English and Greek on Saturday since August 2010. Neos Kosmos has received two Multicultural Media Awards, for best print publication and a high commendation for a print article in Sydney, New South Wales, in 2014.

Editor: Sotiris Hatzimanolis
First issue date: 13 February 1957
Owner(s): Ethnic Publications Pty. Ltd
Founder(s): Dimitri Gogos, Bill Stefanou and Alekos Doukas

source: wikipedia


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