Knock Knock!

 Whoze there Vree?


Sauce who Vree?

Sauce eme!

Tony Kassapakis BA LL.B Solicitor aka Spiros Yearos was born in Sydney on 23 October 1962. According to Tony he is married to the most beautiful woman in the world! His wife is the ‘BIG BOSSENA’! Tony has two beautiful adult daughters.

His parents were born in Greece on the island of Crete. His father’s mother was born in Cappadocia in Asia Minor in 1908. Her mother’s father was Nikolaos Notaras.

Tony strongly believes that we must all promote Greek culture just like our ancestors.

“Your heritage”, his father said, “is something no one can ever take away from you”!

Tony found the perfect way to promote this heritage… Through comedy!!! The inspiration behind this was his father, mother and relations.

Spiros Yearos Komedy was born at Kingsgrove North High School, in Sydney’s South West in 1979. It is specialist Grozzie or Greek – Aussie Bilingual Comedy. No one practices this type of comedy around the globe. This is reflected in the specific bilingual nature of the comedy. The comedy of Spiros Yearos is based on real everyday Greek –  Australian life. Spiros writes his own patented material and performs his own material. Spiros Yearos is a legally registered trademark. The comedy of Spiros Yearos ironically reflects the evolution of a ‘three dimensional’ or tri-generational Grozzie culture. It comprises of good, bad, evil and egotistical themes that permeate Greek culture in Australia. Comedy reflects tragedy. This is an Ancient Greek concept. Yearos comedy depicts factual everyday observations. Spiros Yearos comedy is thus ‘anthropological comedy’. Spiros Yearos commenced as a musical comedian and has composed many unique songs and parody songs depicting every day

Greek Australian life. ‘Yearos’ stand-up comedy commenced in 2005 thanks to the genuine support of international comic genius Joe Avati.

Spiros Yearos uses his knowledge of the Greek language, (with a Cretan accent at times) to collect a living comedy of priceless ‘encyclopaedic’ skits to reflect

our humble Greek beginnings. Spiros Yearos has many thousands of comic sketches or ‘sets’ written from 1979 to today and will perform as many of these as Spiros can until he passes from this earth.

‘Each of us leaves a legacy of who we are. Our parents are my heroes and have left an indelible mark in Australia. My comedy seeks to promote that through my comedy’.

** Spiros Yearos comedy clips are found on line thanks to Montaj Video Productions.

** Spiros Yearos comedy shows are not for profit social events and net profits or proceeds are donated to Dementia Australia.


  1. Because we love to chase our kids around to feed them as if we are on a NASA space mission!
  2. Because we invented everything on this planet.
  3. Because the world has to give the Greeks back all the ancient ruins that it has stolen or rather in diplomatic terms “borrowed for historical reasearch”
  4. Because the British love Greece so much they borrowed some of our Acropolis marbles!
  5. Because evey word used in academia is Greek!
  6. Because the sun shines brighter in Greece!
  7. Because when we party all the neighbours complain but stop when we invite them for a big pig out feast!
  8. Because our parents brought us up well to love, respect, protect(our parents), study hard and become brain surgeons!
  9. Because we are taught that if you love your mother in law, life is so much easier and thus more pleasant and more bearable!
  10. Because we have such unique surnames that most people can’t spell them!
  11. Because we are very tolerant except when our kids tell us they are going on a diet!
  12. Because we do not recognise diets in any way “shape” or form.
  13. Because we know how to party but the back yard is not big enough so we hire out halls!
  14. Because when we whisper the whole world can hear us and what we are saying!
  15. Because we know the how to use bread, saltsa and are professionals at wiping our plates clean like Mister Sheen you know what I mean?
  16. Because the pension is put to good use to pay for our kids’ wedding receptions.
  17. Because we have the instant cure for any one suffering from the “evil eye”!
  18. Because we invented the evil eye!
  19. Because we can have fun any where we go and get away with it! Hey we’re Greeks you know!
  20. Because we cook the same dishes week in week out and know what’s on the menu evey day of the year!
  21. Because we are funny and laugh with ourselves in a dignified way!
  22. Because we we’re the first people in Australia to successfully creat the first back yard animal farm wiith the most animals.
  23. Because we never used chemical enhancing steroids in our animals.
  24. Because we stopped this backyard animal farm breeding because we stopped giving complimentary chickens to the local council so they closed our animal zoning sections of our backyards down!
  1. Because we eat organic vegetables and fruit grown in our back yard.
  2. Because we keep the manure merchants or “skata growers” in business!
  3. Because we still are the kings of the seafood restaurants!
  4. Because we eat what we feel? (This shall be referred to the University of NSW historical society for further analysis!)

29   Because when we look at our children they listen after the 100th time!

  1. Because Greek discipline is based on how much money you can bribe your kids with to listen to you, eat all their food and not look like bodgys or louts when dressing up.
  2. Because when go on a holiday to Greece we empty out all the major retailers for presents for the reloz!
  3. Because when a Greek flight leaves Sydney airport bound for Athens we hide extra presents in our sovraka and try to convince the customs officials that our carry bag is really 20 kiloz lighter because their weighing machine is faulty or broken!
  1. Because we are constantly thinking of what scientific methods to use to smuggle tiri, nuts, sika, sporous, glyka and just about everything else into Sydney from Greece.
  1. Because we really believe that all solicitors are liars although when the going gets tough we really need them to find the truth out for us!


And there are so many other reasons why I am humbled to be Greek!

and his everyday experience with clients and the general community give him much material to perform about.


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