Emmanuel SARRIS

Emmanuel Sarris started his career as a tax accountant in 2000 before entering the world of financial planning and mortgage broking. He has a wealth of experience having worked for various chartered and CPA firms and run his own business since 2009. He also is a registered accountant with every accounting body in Australia. Emmanuel Sarris is also an internet marketing guru, multi-level marketer and author on Amazon with a wealth of knowledge and proven results.

Emmanuel Sarris is a multi-passionate entrepreneur based in Sydney with a Greek background.
Emmanuel’s has always had a hard-working attitude and sees opportunities as they arise.
An early adopter he often jumps on new trends before others. His very first job was as a newspaper delivery boy starting at the age of 8 years old! He hasn’t stopped since then and has had time working in spare parts shop starting on $2 an hour … right through to the present day closing international deals worth multi-millions.
University years saw Emmanuel immersed in medical sciences, whilst running a designer label clothing company to fund his education. During this time he also founded the successful Greek Australia business directory. Final years of uni were focused on politics, economics and he completed his degree in accounting. Since graduating Emmanuel worked for several major international accountancy practices before starting his own business Australia Wide Tax Solutions in 2009.
These days Emmanuel’s time is divided between managing his thriving property portfolio which includes properties all over the world, starting up new businesses and selling them on for profit and continuing to run his busy accountant practice.
Travel is a big passion for Emmanuel, and he is a master at leveraging Frequent Flyer programs to ensure he never flies less than business class.
Born to a Greek family in Australia, with two siblings, Emmanuel travels back to Greece at least once a year and take care of family business there as well as enjoying his ancestral culture.
This year was a good one for reflection as Emmanuel turned 40. His main insight at this time in life is you can’t buy time … your time and how you invest it is the most precious asset you have.


Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Entrepreneur

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