Basil Genimahaliotis is a film maker and architect who has lived and traveled extensively around the world. Currently based in London, he originally hailed from the creative surrounds of Adelaide’s arts and design scene.

His formative years were spent training in martial arts and basketball with an interest in story telling from a very young age . As an actor, Basil performed in a series of theater productions by the age of 15 including Zorba the Greek.
His love of performance continued into other areas of the arts with the hosting of a dance music radio show in Adelaide. “House Beat Radio”‘s regular drive time slot gave Basil the confidence to branch out further and attempt another aspect of the arts, film making.
After completing a degree in Architecture, achieving his black belt in martial arts and concluding his radio show, Basil moved to London in 2002. Since then, his film making business has expended from self funded films for luxury brands to now two award winning documentaries on the Greek Islands with renown producer Billy Cotsis. The two have now collaborated on numerous short film projects which are gaining international recognition. 
Architecturally, Basil works now for international retailer Marks and Spencer, developing the design of new stores in Asia and the Middle East.
After a 15 year journey of film making and design,earning many awards for his film projects, Basil is now planning to continue both paths and looks to combine the two disciplines in the future.
Place of Origin: Adelaide
Occupation: Filmmaker

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